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Six Word Fridays ~ Drink

My go to drink,  Spring Water.

best water

Do not lecture me about using tap,

Well water is so not the same.

Six Word Fridays ~ Trip

Just a quick trip down the highway.

road e

Needed some office supplies from Staples.

That means  roughly a  40 mile drive,

But it was beautiful out today.

road b

Many stretches without a car in sight,

Time to enjoy some pretty landscapes.


I read it quite quickly

For those of you who requested a review of ‘flight of the sparrow’ by Amy Belding Brown I can say I enjoyed it very much.  Amazon delivered the paperback mid afternoon Friday and by bedtime Saturday I had finished it.  I am fond of historical fiction.  ‘flight of the sparrow’ tells the story of Mary Rowlandson, an English-born woman married to a Puritan minister living in 17th century New England and centers on her experience of being held captive by Native  Americans for 11 weeks during the time of conflict called King Phillip’s War (1675-1678) A more serious reader might want to read the account of Mary Rowlandson’s captivity that was published during her lifetime (1682) but I like it when someone else  wades through the period prose for me.  The book was so pleasurable a read that  I am putting the author’s ‘Mr Emerson’s Wife’ on my to read list.



Six Word Fridays ~ Sure

book cover

Sure  hope I enjoy this book.

My book group’s selection this month.

The first few chapters are promising.

Six Word Fridays ~ Mirror

quilt eQuilts, a mirror to the past.

These  quilts date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Quilt bquilt cquilt dA sampling of the quilts on display at the Shelburne Museum
as part of a  special exhibit now through October 26, 2014.



Six Word Fridays ~ Short


My attention span is not short.

 (Not posing still for long means nothing.)

Six Word Friday ~ Long

English cottagesLong ago, far away, travel photo.

Arlington Row cottages in England – 2002.

Six Word Fridays ~ One

my T One cat is mine, named Thunder,

Lightning eOne cat, Lightning,  is my husband’s.

Six Word Fridays ~ Bump

bump thunder

Don’t bump me off my stool.

(I promise no paws on table.)

Six Word Fridays ~ Pick

lettuceTime to pick garden fresh produce.herbscuke vines

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