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Six Word Fridays ~ Mirror

quilt eQuilts, a mirror to the past.

These  quilts date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Quilt bquilt cquilt dA sampling of the quilts on display at the Shelburne Museum
as part of a  special exhibit now through October 26, 2014.



Six Word Fridays ~ Short


My attention span is not short.

 (Not posing still for long means nothing.)

Six Word Friday ~ Long

English cottagesLong ago, far away, travel photo.

Arlington Row cottages in England – 2002.

Six Word Fridays ~ One

my T One cat is mine, named Thunder,

Lightning eOne cat, Lightning,  is my husband’s.

Six Word Fridays ~ Bump

bump thunder

Don’t bump me off my stool.

(I promise no paws on table.)

Six Word Fridays ~ Pick

lettuceTime to pick garden fresh produce.herbscuke vines

Six Word Fridays ~ Free

freeWithout a leash I am free.

Six Word Friday ~ Circle

circle email

Caught in an email circle today.

Six Word Fridays ~ Wave

waveWave my toy, give me joy.

Six Word Fridays ~ Double

Two black cats, double the fun!
Lightning 2





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