Here – Lazy Day

Just a regular day here at home.

Went out to my morning exercise class without much ‘zip in my step’ but felt good that I attended. One of the women in class had just become a grandmother & was flying around in happiness. Maybe I picked up a little of her energy while I was there.

Back at home I’ve returned to my rather lazy attitude. Just downed some leftover meatballs for lunch. While I had the oven turned on for heating them I also concocted a batch of my personal variation on “Chex Party Mix.” I’ll put the details up in a separate post.

Lunch accomplished, I now think I’ll devote myself to curling up on the couch and getting a chapter or two further into my latest read. A friend handed me “My Life in France” – the Julia Child memoir written in her very last years with Alex Prud’homme, her grandnephew. I guess it was the back bone of the Julia part of the “Julie & Julia” movie.

To the couch while the sun is pouring through the window.


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