Frozen vs. Fresh

Sure there are lots of things that you can pop into the freezer, but are they really as good as fresh? Well I pulled some of the Cheese ‘n Chive Puffs out of the freezer and reheated them today.  I have to admit there was nothing ‘wrong’ with them.  My husband was very happy having 6 or 8 of them with a glass of red wine (or was it a Stella?) but I just didn’t feel they were has tasty as fresh from the oven the first time.  What can I say – my friends always say when I push leftovers onto them “You know you could put them in the freezer for sometime when you are busy.”  Sure I could but I just don’t like eating it later from the freezer.  I’m too frugal to toss it after it has been frozen too long.  I’d rather give it to a friend while still fresh.

A side note:  I was blog surfing the other night and found a very similar recipe to these cheese puffs which called for half the cheese to be Gruyère (like mine) and the other half Parmesan.  That sounds like a really nice variation. That other recipe also called for lowering the oven temperature half way through baking, like I do on popovers.  Given that the recipe works fine without doing that I think I will leave well enough alone on that count.


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