The Privileges

Yippee!  Finished off another book.  Now I can move to something else in the awaiting stack.

But first a little about the ending of The Privileges by Jonathan Dee.  A very little because the thought it left me with is too deep to write about now that I’m past the age of believing pondering these things for long will do much more than give me a headache.

The conclusion of one of the characters, to paraphrase,  is that an insane amount of money is never enough,  just like any number of nuclear missiles is never enough.  The point of both is to make you feel safe, and no amount of either will ever make you feel safe enough.

That’s it… I just going to leave this post hanging there.

Comments might be very interesting.  Even months from now.  I know somebody is out there who dares to expound on such things.


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