Simple Ham Salad

My favorite use for leftover ham, if I had some, is an easy ham salad.  I never really have leftover ham as I’m the only one in my house who eats ham.  Therefore I often buy a small piece of ham with the intent of  using half simply sliced and the other half for a mini batch of ham salad.  I cut the ham into chunks & place them in the bowl of a food processor.  I had a few cornichons (French for tiny sour gherkins)  and pulse until close to the texture I like.  Add mayo to taste, pulse to combine, then scrap out of processor bowl.  Then I discipline my myself to not eat the whole batch with a spoon before getting it into the refrigerator.

The homemade ham salad I remember from childhood would have been made with my Gram’s  bread & butter pickles.  I think the ham was probably ground with one of those meat grinders that you clamped to your counter or table top.  Some things change a little over xx years but my desire for ham salad in springtime does not.


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