A version of Pasta Caprese for 2

There are so many woman who blog wonderful food with step by step pictures.  They inspired me to start blogging a few months ago.  Then I decided that blogging from my kitchen was less fun then blogging my travels.  But the harvest of tomatoes & herbs from my garden convinced me to take some photo of the lunch I concocted today.

First chop up around 2 cups of garden fresh ripe cherry or plum tomatoes.

Roughly dice a medium size shallot.

Combine tomatoes & shallots in a large heat proof bowl.

Chop some parsley, to taste.  You could also chop basil at this point.

I didn’t chop basil today as I already had some stored with olive oil & cubed fresh mozzarella in my fridge.

Keep the cheese cubes nice & cold in the fridge until later.

Cook & drain 4 ounces of whole wheat pasta.

Add warm pasta to the bowl with tomatoes, etc.  Gently mix.  Now you can add the 3 ounces of cold mozzarella cubes, which it my case were pre-mixed with basil & olive oil.Mix and taste.  Add any salt or pepper that you might think are needed.  I added about 1 teaspoon of an Italian vinaigrette.  (Many Pasta Caprese recipes call for lemon juice & I didn’t have a lemon on hand today.)  Plate the resulting warm pasta dish & enjoy!


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