Not a Place for Dieting!

During our stay at the Mount Washington Hotel the food we were served was oh so delicious.  Whether we ate in the Main Dining Room, down at the Bretton Arms Dining Room, or  had lunch at Stickneys we were never disappointed.

Pictures worth a million calories:

Those are just the appetizers.

Check out the entrees: 

Some of us live for dessert:

This was a breakfast bread but it looked & tasted like dessert.

Even a causal lunch was stunting & gourmet: 

And these are just the things I took the time to photo before I attacked & devoured.  You’ll have to visit the Mount Washington Resort to see the full breakfast buffet, or the served breakfast at the Bretton Arms, the fantastic lobster, burgers, and more.


A Nice Room at the Mt. Washington Hotel

This grand hotel resort hotel has undergone a massive 21st century renovation without losing that much of its period charm. We stayed for 3 nights in August 2010 in this lovely room.
Overall impression — aahhhh —- R & R central

Love that the bird lamp picked up on the nature of the White Mountain region.

But I was even more happy with the ‘smart lamp’ with electrical outlets in the base so you could recharge all your ‘toys’ (cell phone, iPod,…).  Much nicer than crawling on the floor & having to unplug things to find enough outlets — Hallelujah!

Important work & storage space as you enter the room:

And even before you get into the room the mood is being set: