Word for 2/28 – Thing

There are so many things in my home.  Some have moved with me through the years (make that decades).

This ‘thing’ was hand-made: a mitten shape with a couple of clothespins to hold memos.  It was made by the husband of a school secretary who gave it to me when I left a teaching job back in my 20s.  I’ve made in to my 50s & I still cherish it.  It hangs in my kitchen where I can use it to hold a recipe card, a shopping list, or a memo to self don’t forget…  but I like it best just being there.


Word for 2/27 – Range

When I see the word ‘range’ the song  lyrics  “Home, home on the range..”  begin running through my head.  But as a life long easterner there are not those kind of ranges anywhere near me.  So…

this is my range, a cooking stove that has an oven and a flat top with burners or heating elements.

Word for 2/24 – Cook

One of my favorite things to cook, because it is also one of my favorite things to eat, is chicken pie.

As you can see from the photo I’m not talking chicken pot pie, but the classic chicken & gravy base with buttermilk biscuits on top that I remember from childhood.

No veggies or purchased puff pastry allowed!!

Word for 2/20 – Laugh

The illustration on the back of the M.B.T.A ticket makes me want to  laugh.   The melody & chorus to “Charlie on the M.T.A”  pops into my brain so I giggle inwardly even more.“Did he ever return, /No he never returned /And his fate is still unlearn’d /He may ride forever /
‘neath the streets of Boston /He’s the man who never returned.”