Word for 4/30 – Large

After all the attention paid to William & Kate yesterday at Westminster Abbey I thought I’d share a photo of a large English Cathedral that was the site of a much earlier royal wedding: On July 25 , 1554, Mary Tudor married Prince Philip of Spain (who was soon to be Philip II) in Winchester Cathedral.


Word for 4/28 – Discontinue

 How long did it take to discontinue the practice of British & American archeologists bringing back many treasures unearthed from ancient far away lands?  I don’t know but it went on long enough for museums to be filled with the numerous items they collected.


These items are in the Boston MFA collection which is 2nd only to the British Museum.

Word for 4/26 – Mountain

This photo dates back to my pre-digital camera days.  Taken from a moving train in British Columbia, Canada the foreground is blurred but the background struck me as good pick.   That is a mighty western mountain in the center, especially compared to the more rolling ‘Green Mountains’ of my home state.

Word for 4/23 – Faith

For those of the Christian faith yesterday was Good Friday.  Many gathered for special services.

But the numbers were not large enough for this city church to open its main sanctuary.  Instead they used this attractive side chapel.  Things will probably be different come tomorrow, Easter Sunday.

Word for 4/22 – Only

Sleeping in a room that housed a Queen is something I figure may only happen once in a lifetime.  This is the room Queen Noir of Jordan stayed in while back in Concord, MA for a high school reunion.  My husband and I were given the room for our stay there last Thanksgiving.