Word for 4/18 – Publisher

I have been to building a “Library of America” collection for about 15 years.  The publisher offers a selection list at the beginning of the year.  They let you opt out of any titles that you prefer not to buy. Their books are a perfect size to hold.  I love the way they look on the shelf too, but perhaps the nicest think is the ribbon book mark build into each one.  Oh, and they arrive in one of 4 colors: a deep rich red, a forest green, a classic navy, or a tan with burgundy title stripe. I group all the books of a color together.

These two pictures are really from two different rooms in my home but placed together they make me think of Christmas.  Every time I receive a “Library of America” book it feels like Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Word for 4/18 – Publisher

    • Their website says: “From Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson to Philip Roth and Philip K. Dick, The Library of America has great books for you!” My husband and I have selected authors from Louisa May Alcott to Thornton Wilder. Lots of classic American novels, but poetry & political commentary too. Check out their website if you wish to learn more: http://tinyurl.com/3hoxfgv While checking it out for you I discovered that you can sign up for a free classic story by email every Monday.

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