Word for 5/31 – Intense

My sentiments towards this doll & her quilt are rather intense.  I was not a little girl who cared that much for dolls.  And I have not taken to collecting dolls as an adult.  But this doll, who is meant to be Jo from Little Women, came from a small shop that stocked hand crafted children’s toys.

I was allowed to select one item as a 5-year-old when I was on my way, without any toys,  to live with an aunt & uncle.  The little quilt was made by my grandmother.  That is a fact I did not remember  but my brother informed me (when I was in my late thirties)  that our grandmother had made one for each of her grandchildren.  Mine is the only one that survives.  I guess that emphasizes that here are some lasting benefits to a strict upbringing where you had to take good care of your best toys.


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