Word for 5/21 – Brother

My house is still in chaos from the wallpapering adventure.  I thought I would find a picture of my brother to scan and share.  But where oh where can they be?  It finally came to me to take a photo of the picture my brother made for me while he was still he high school.  It was not a priority project  (or maybe he was short on supplies) and he painted white over a couple of spots in the background.  Even with these flaws I have always had it hanging somewhere where ever I have lived.  Once I moved to my current location it has always had a place in my piano studio.

Word for 5/17 – Billion

I am not a big number person.  I count my pennies.  I value a dollar.  I can stretch myself to deal with things in the hundreds, even the thousands.  But when it comes to a billion I am lost.  And looking online to deal with today’s word I found out that I have a very good reason for my inability to comprehend a billion or beyond:If part of the world claims a billion has 9 zeros behind it but another part of the word says 12 zeros I don’t feel as bad.   (And yes I know I skipped saying whether or not the concept of a million is in my range of comprehension.  I’m waiting to decide on that one.)