Word for 6/28 – Pointless

By this point in early summer my giant hosta covers most of the annual flowers that I planted earlier in the season.  Makes me wonder if the expense & work is pointless.  But it is pretty ugly without them earlier & the pansies (that do not show in this photo) are something my neighbors expect of me each spring.

[We will avoid going any deeper into my need to meet or disregard the expectations of others.]


Word for 6/27 – Hint

My husband does not need a hint to remember special dates but if your significant other does you could sign up with a restaurant that sends cards like this:

Word for 6/26 – Over

When our time in London is over we sometimes head to Heathrow via the Heathrow Express out of Paddington Station.  On this trip we spent a last night in the hotel attached to Paddington Station.  I took this photo out of our hotel window.

Word for 6/25 – Well

Old houses often have a number of oddities.  One of the oddities of my old house is that the well ended up in front of the formal entrance to the house.However this entrance is never used anymore.  So it is not that big a deal.

Word for 6/22 – Witch

Normally the camera is my hands.  That is a great way to be sure that you don’t end up with many photos of yourself.  I tend to dislike photos of myself.  I’m a witch that way.  I also used to refer to myself as a witch when I was scolding students more than I wished I needed to.  This photo was taken of me by my husband  around Christmas 2005 in London at the Globe Theatre.  Everyone on our tour was getting a photo of themselves in front of the stage.  I couldn’t pass it up.  If you wonder why my non witch like attire is posted for this word pretend that the best role for me in a Shakespearean play might be a witch in Macbeth. “Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble…”