Word for 6/5 – Distinct

The distinct stripes painted to indicate where pediatricians walk across  roads are often referred to ‘zebra crossings’.

Growing up on rural dirt roads I was quite old before I ever heard the expression but now I can not forget it whenever I see one.


2 thoughts on “Word for 6/5 – Distinct

  1. Perhaps ‘zebra crossing’ is not a phrase used in the US. I picked it up from my husband & figured it was something I had missed by being a country kid. But after looking up zebra crossing on Wikipedia I learned it originated in the UK, and my husband does use a lot of British expressions. Or it could be he acquired it from being the right age during the time of the famous Beatles’ Abbey Road album which featured a ‘zebra crossing’ on the cover

    Wiki also says a pedestrian crossing with yellow stripes is called a tiger crossing.

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