Word for 6/8 – Husband

I have posted pictures of my husband a few times before so I’m opting not to use a photo of him today.  Instead I’m going to focus on a memory from early in our relationship.  My husband is from the suburbs of Boston.  I think Boston defines much of his character.  On our first trip to Boston together, on my way to met future in-laws, my intended  had told me we had to take a ride on the Swan Boats in the Boston Public Gardens.  I think I pictured something as romantic as a gondola ride in Venice.  Well the Boston Swan Boats are more of a paddle boat bus ride.  All the same  the mere thought of those Swan Boats makes me remember that first trip as an engaged couple.  So this past spring when I saw some limited edition glass items featuring the Swan Boat – Public Garden theme I felt I wanted one.  It was a time when my dollars really should have gone elsewhere but when I brought my husband over from the book section to look at them he agreed they were nice & that we should purchase one.  So here is to my husband and  the Swan Boats in Boston’s Public Gardens.


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