Word for 7/4 – Zoe is 22!

We adopted Zoe as a 5 year old cat from the Humane Society so I don’t know her exact birthday.  Her vet records said that she was born in July of 1989 so we have always considered her to be a July 4th firecracker baby.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So cheers & best wishes to my super senior kitty-cat Zoe.


2 thoughts on “Word for 7/4 – Zoe is 22!

  1. dogear6 says:

    You figured out how to do the slides! So cool!

    I saw this the day you posted it – I cannot believe she’s so old! Siamese #2 died of old age when he was only 15 – the other two died earlier than that. You are so fortunate to have her so long.

  2. Yes, we are blessed to have Zoe at her age. Our vet says they have a couple of older cats in the practice at 23. My childhood kitty-cat, Timmy, lived to 18 but many friends say they have never had a cat live beyond 12 – 15. And Zoe really only has troubles with her back legs — heart, kidney function, etc. are OK. Weight is low, but she has always been Miss Petite.

    After you posted some slide shows I decided I should investigate how they work. You are always keeping me inspired. We are into the 2nd half of the 365 project — I’m dragging a few days behind from time to time but have gone to far to stop now.

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