Word for 7/21 – Early

The photo below proves that I was introduced to English china, Spode in particular, fairly early in life.  I had my cereal poured on top of that skiing cat & my OJ in the mug I have turned up-side-down for the photo each morning from kindergarten until -?- late elementary school.

The artwork certainly dates both me & the china.  I gave a  more timeless ‘Peter Rabbit’ set of childhood breakfast china to my niece when she was born.  But I doubt her china is still around like mine.  And if memory serves me right her’s was Wedgewood.  Ah, well!


Word for 7/20 – Consider

I consider it a minor miracle that this painting of ‘Timmy’ (the cat I grew up with) looks as good as it does today hanging in my home.  My guess is that it was painted in the early 1960s.  You want to know what material it is painted on? – this part is the ‘miracle’ – it is just an odd piece of cardboard, like the stuff on the back of a legal pad.

If you take the picture off the wall & look at the back you can see that it has warped but otherwise it has held up OK.  This in a world where Martha Stewart tells us we need acid free tissue paper to even pack our clothing for a trip.

Word for 7/19 – Study

The way we study has changed a lot with the advent of computers.  I remember writing college papers with a stack of index cards, literally ‘cutting & pasting’ pieces of notebook paper, then typing it all on a manual typewriter. How many hours could I have saved with word processing & printing.

As a former music/piano teacher I can tell you that electronic keyboards & music teaching software has just as dramatically altered the options you have in piano & music study.

The ePiano set up is no doubt ‘old & outdated technology’ now as I purchased it last century.

Word for 7/18 – Viewer

I have been a TV viewer most of my life.  However I rarely watched TV during college.  Then I lived over 2 years on my own before purchasing my first TV set.  In our current home my husband & I lived with the 2 or 3 channels that came in over ‘rabbit ears’ for about 13 years.  When we retired we splurged on 2 new flat screens & a Dish satellite package.  Now I watch more than I would like to admit but I tend to ‘multi-task’ while viewing.

Word for 7/17 – Trading

With some items, like cereal, trading a ‘national brand’ for ‘store brand’ is A-OK.  You save a little money and there is no noticeable difference.

But, as my husband learned this week, trying this with some products is less wise.Trading my favorite Vanity Fair paper napkins for a store brand is a no-go.