Word for 8/31 – License

My home state is one of a kind.  I am pretty sure people from the other 49 states may feel the same way.  But go ahead & ask to see their driver’s license.  Unless they live in my home state of Vermont you are going to find a photo on it.  Ask some Vermonter’s & you’ll find a photo also.  However they do not have to have a photo license. I have had people from Boston or New York ask to see my driver’s license then go into shock when they see this.  It is just one of the little pleasures of my life — and I do have a passport if a photo id is really needed.


Word for 8/28 – Freeze

At the end of the garden season I often freeze some of the excess.  And sometimes that excess gets forgotten.  I also tend to freeze home-made chicken stock, extra meat, and an assortment of leftovers.  Well Hurricane Irene caused a power outage that prompted me to clean out my freezer.  But it also prompted me to cook up some food from my fridge that would be fine if used pronto or frozen after cooking.  So the top freezer of my fridge is neater looking now than it has been in a long while.

Word for 8/27 – Lady

When we picked her up at the shelter she carried the name Lady Bridgette.  She is a lady, but one who is so petite, pretty, & precious that she knows she can get away with the most unladylike behavior at times.

She was 5 years old when we renamed her Zoe (for the French-Canadian piano teaching wife of Sir Wilfred Laurier) and brought her home to join our family in our recently purchased house.  17 years later she has us wrapped right around her fluffy little paws.

Word for 8/25 – Based

I think we have made at least 10 trips to the U.K since 1998.  We have found that we are happiest staying in one hotel for at least 7-10 nights, making it our base for day trips using rail passes.  If we are going to be based in a hotel room my husband wants a desk for his computer, and a wing chair or sofa for comfortable reading.  I may camp out on the bed for reading & TV watching but I too want a turn at the computer & a spot where I can eat a light carried in meal.  The room at a London Marriott pictured below covers all those bases.

Word for 8/24 – Roof

My house has an old part (the hip roof with a flat center section to the right of this photo) and a newer section (the roof with the rusty flashing to the left of this photo.)  The roof of both sections is covered in slate.  The new section as shown in this photo needs repair.  It involves removing the slates, hoping that few of them break (as replacements are costly), and laying down a membrane & new flashing, then rehanging the slates.  People like to say that a slate roof lasts forever.  I have learned the hard way that it is not really true.  When materials were more precious than labor the locally available slates made economic sense. However if you are not a skilled DIY type modern-day labor costs make slate roof repair pricey.  We had the new section around the corner to the left of this photo repaired this spring.  The section in this photo will probably be done next spring.

Word for 8/22 – Insect

I have never liked insects.  Today was no exception.  I know there are ants, flies, and bees around but not a one wanted to pose for a picture today.  The best I can offer for the word insect is the fact that these squash would not have started to develop if the blossoms had not been pollinated by an insect.