Word for 8/21 – Before

Before digital cameras my husband & I tended to take photos only when traveling.  And he took most the photos.  We went on a trip with a college women’s ice hockey team over the millennium transition.  His presence as a college administrator helped calm the nerves of some parents who were worried about millennium terrorism.  This photo was taken in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland on one of the last days of 1999, just before New Years 2000.  That blob of a person at the end of the road is me, so my husband was definitely behind the camera.


Word for 8/20 – Quits

Today is expand my vocabulary day.  I almost posted for ‘quilts’ but then double checked that the word was really ‘quits‘.  Something told me it might not be just “I’ll calling it quits” in meaning.  Sure enough quits is “chiefly Brit, informal : having nothing owed by either side” when you check it at http://www.learnersdictionary.com/search/quits




I make my Grandmother’s biscuits,  my husband does the dishes, that way the two of us are quits.

Word for 8/16 – Contemporary

There is very little around me that would be given the label ‘contemporary‘.  Even when I travel the subjects of my photos tend to be old or at least traditional.  But I found this photo of a contemporary building next to the Thames that I took while on a Christmas Day lunch cruise back in 2005. 


Word for 8/15 – Copper

The word copper makes me think pennies.  US Lincoln Memorial pennies dated 1981 or earlier are  95% copper. Those dated 1983 or later are made of zinc.

If an US penny was made in 1982  it might be either, however copper pennies weigh 3.11 grams, whereas the zinc pennies weigh only 2.5 grams.

Word for 8/14 – Girlfriend

I do not have any photos of my girlfriends.  They are a great bunch of women who live busy lives but are always there when I’m falling apart and really need them.  I was happy to play the decoy for a baby shower when one of them wanted to surprise her daughter-in-law.  And I was rewarded with this precious birth announcement after her grandchild arrived.

a grilfriend's grand baby girlI smile every time I enter my kitchen & see it at the bottom of my bulletin board.

Word for 8/13 – Fancy

Fancy this:  even though I’m a plus size woman I was able to purchase a cute pair of preppy flats from the boys/girls department of this classic men’s wear shop.

I love the irony of that:  totally tickles my fancy!  It was the display sheep that caused me to wander into that department while my husband picked up some alterations.


Word for 8/12 – Whole

I asked my husband if he would like a birthday cake.  He declined.  He was worried about the calories.  But then he asked me to heat this frozen pizza.  Sure, no problem.  He ate the whole thing. ( My point here is I believe he could have had half of the frozen pizza & a good size piece of homemade cake for the same calories — but it was, after all, his birthday & his choice.)