Word for 9/30 – Shameful

It is rather shameful that we tend to stereotype all lawyers as greedy, crooked, shameless shysters, ambulance chasers, & sharks.  On the trip to visit my mom last weekend  I took random photos out the car window as my husband drove home.  By ‘accident’ I found I had taken a photo of the law office of a most honorable attorney who helped advise me through a very sticky family estate situation about 17 years ago. Finding the photo I was reminded of just how important his professional & personal kindness was to me during that stressful period.


Word for 9/24 – Plunk

Yesterday my husband & I drove past this ‘no-tell-motel’. Not the type of place we would be apt to plunk down at anymore, but I remember my then fiancée spending a night there so he could come to a performance I was as participating in about 27 – 28 years ago.  Time moves on but some buildings stay nearly the same.

Word for 9/22 – Indispensable

No one is indispensable, or so the saying goes.  And I usually agree.  But when someone arrives a little bit late for lunch because they took the time to pick you some of the last flowers of the season & has the good sense to have them all arranged in a pickle jar (so you don’t have to run looking for a vase or worry about returning their container) I must say their thoughtfulness is rather indispensable. If the same person cheerfully stays nearly 2 hours after the gathering to do the dishes for a party of 10, gathers & shakes out all the linens, and would do even more if you were to think of it, well that person is indispensable.   (One of those good friends I mentioned in another post that I do not have a photo of.)

Word for 9/21 – Support

I have a small group of good friends who are of great support to me.  But do I have any photos of any of them?  Of course not.  So I am going to post a photo of my Mom.  I took it back in June of this year.  She has failed some since then.  She is at the stage where she will not get better.  I am thankful for the support she is getting from her house call making G.P. & hospice services. As of last night she is in a small caring hospital but she has been stubbornly been hanging on to staying in her own home.  We will see what happens in the days ahead.