Word for 9/11 – Zone

Today everyone is in a ‘zone’ of remembering this date 10 years ago.  I was still in my nightie but holding a plant watering container & standing near my grand piano when the phone rang.  My husband called asking had I seen/heard the news?  No— he was up in the “board room” with all his colleagues watching TV, a plane had struck the 1st tower.  I was taking it in & then as we were still on the phone the 2nd tower was hit. I listened to him narrate.  I remember saying “well we know it was no accident now.”

You have to understand I’m married to a news junkie, an academic, a political scientist. He had told me each time there had been an attempt involving the WTC — at least once when we were completely out of the country on vacation. (He takes no vacation from monitoring the news.)  I was well aware of the bombings at embassies & the USS Cole.  I was more numb & sad at the loss of life happening (and to come) than in a state of shock.  I didn’t feel that ‘how could we be attacked on our own soil’ sentiment that I would hear so much in the days & months to come.  My piano and the plant are still in the same spots as 10 years ago, like a metaphor to life, in many ways the same, in the same place.   But as the piano has gone in & out of tune, been played & other times been left silent, so have I.  As the plant has grown, but had some of the leaves turn brown & drop off (or be cut off) , so has life gone on growing, changing, but keeping the same roots.

How much more the past 10 years & remembering today affect those who lost love ones, either that day or in military service or civilian involvement & subsequent related events since.  May they all find comfort during the hours & remembrances today.



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