Word for 9/21 – Support

I have a small group of good friends who are of great support to me.  But do I have any photos of any of them?  Of course not.  So I am going to post a photo of my Mom.  I took it back in June of this year.  She has failed some since then.  She is at the stage where she will not get better.  I am thankful for the support she is getting from her house call making G.P. & hospice services. As of last night she is in a small caring hospital but she has been stubbornly been hanging on to staying in her own home.  We will see what happens in the days ahead.

One thought on “Word for 9/21 – Support

  1. Sorry to hear she’s doing poorly. What a nice smile she gave you though! It was hard as my Grandma was unwinding her life. She didn’t suffer, but it was hard to watch and participate.

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