Today is Halloween.  For me Halloween is all about trick or treating & the candy.  We may get 1 or 2 trick or treaters, or we may get none.  So this is the candy supply for tonight:  My husband is hoping that come 9 PM it is all his.

And before you get upset that you have to buy candy for hundreds let me add that for 6 years we lived in the center of a neighboring village where we might have over 300 little goblins.  And yes I do it some ways miss it.


Word for 10/30 – Anniversary

I hunted for a picture taken on a past wedding anniversary.  My husband & I don’t usually do more than have a nice meal out, if that.  When I finally found a picture in an old scrap-book of an anniversary when we were in England at the British Museum I discovered the CD of those old photos would not open on either of my current computers.

So time for another approach:  In 2004 the British people did a lot of 1940s events in celebration of the WWII years.  We innocently planned a ride on on Severn Valley Railway  and it turned out to be during a special 1940s weekend.  It was so much fun seeing people dressed up for the period.  In addition to the train ride there was a nice concert of war time music.

Word for 10/28 – Cave

Everyone talks about ‘man caves’ these days.  My husband does not have a ‘man cave‘, he has the master bedroom suite of our home has his office because the owners before us built a ton of book cases into the master.  We use what was meant to be the en-suite guest room as our bedroom.

Our home has a down stairs ‘den’ that I used as my studio’s waiting room during the years that I taught piano in this house.  After closing my business that ‘den’ has become my ‘girl cave‘ –TV & computer center.  To minimize glare I have the old venetian blinds closed most of the time.  That makes it ‘cave-like’ even though it would be a bright ‘non-cave‘ if I opened them.  

Word for 10/25 – Welcoming

I was not finding any inspiration from my picture library on my computer, or around my house for the word “welcoming“.  I  don’t have welcome sign on my door or a cute doormat.  I don’t even have a pineapple, a symbol of hospitality & welcome,  around my home.

But I was looking once again through the photos I took last week in Boston & it dawned on me — the full service restaurant at the MFA had changed its decor some.  


This is the new gray based color scheme. The banquets are cozy.  It looks & feels upscale.

Flashback to a photo of the same restaurant taken in April.  The columns used to be orange. The positioning of tables & chairs was  very different.  The decor was less plush.

But which would you judge more welcoming?  I felt that the orange drew me in at arrival.  However the gray plush redo makes me relax & feel welcome to linger over my meal.

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