Word for 10/18 – Refer

I like to be able to refer to my collection of cookbooks even if an online search yields quicker results.

Not all of my cookbooks are on these shelves, but these are my favorites.  I have others tucked away in a cupboard.


4 thoughts on “Word for 10/18 – Refer

  1. This is such a great picture Kitty. I love the new technology today but there is absolutely nothing like reading a well loved, often read book. Cookbooks are some of my favourties, especially the old ones with crinkles and stains, flour and splatters decorating the pages here and there. 🙂

    • Thanks Grainne, I agree about the old cookbooks. I have ones that I remember women in my family using while I was in elementary school.

      Digital photos are one of the best things in new technology. I’m just a point & shot person – – but it is great that you can crop, etc. afterwards. The shinny book jackets on my newer books were a pain to work around.

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