Word for 10/24 – Expire

Well documented studies show that hunger strikers, if otherwise adequately hydrated, can survive 28 – 40 days.  However I feel like I am going to expire if I miss more than one meal.  Given that fact it is a good idea for some of my meals to be on the healthy side, like the plate pictured below.

Grilled salmon, broccoli, & honey roasted carrots at Legal Seafood


5 thoughts on “Word for 10/24 – Expire

  1. My son’s absolute favourite food in the world is broccoli. We found a little bakery that makes tiny pizza’s to order and the day he saw broccoli as a topping he whooped with joy! “MOM! They have broccoli on PIZZA…can I please please please please have some??” The whole store stopped and stared for a moment. lol.

    Darnit, now i’m hungry.

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