Today is Halloween.  For me Halloween is all about trick or treating & the candy.  We may get 1 or 2 trick or treaters, or we may get none.  So this is the candy supply for tonight:  My husband is hoping that come 9 PM it is all his.

And before you get upset that you have to buy candy for hundreds let me add that for 6 years we lived in the center of a neighboring village where we might have over 300 little goblins.  And yes I do it some ways miss it.

One thought on “Halloween

  1. Some years we’ve handed out candy, some years not. When we lived in upstate New York, we gave away bags and bags of candy. We moved to Omaha and when we asked our neighbors how many to expect, they were like 1? 2? maybe 2. We were surprised, although it did make sense as we were in the bluffs and really had few homes close by.

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