Word for 10/21 – Corner


I got away from home for a couple of days this week.  My 18th floor hotel room was close to the corner of the building.  That made for some very nice views out the large windows.  I took this shot on the morning of my birthday.  Blue skies are great presents. 

Word for 10/20 – Verify

On a recent visit to the New England Aquarium, in Boston, I arrived just when the penguins were being fed.  The young woman in the wetsuit has a white board that she uses to record & verify which individual bird she is feeding.  Each bird has a wing band with a unique color combination.  Visitors can also look up & learn about each individual penguin on a touch sensitive screen.  

Word for 10/17 – Myth

When there is media buzz about some easy fix to medical problems, like cinnamon improves glucose and lipids in type 2 diabetics I tend to think it is more likely to be myth than fact.

Really, adding cinnamon to some plain low-fat vanilla yogurt can’t hurt.   But the cinnamon in these ginger snap cookies is not going to offset their sugar content except in my dreams.


Word for 9/16 – Nimble

I have spent many hours of my life seated at a piano with a volume of studies or exercises in front of me.  Some studies actually have ‘artistic’ value but most exercises were written to help develop nimble fingers and agility with minimal musical content.  As I aged I learned that I didn’t need to spend as much time on exercises.  I could develop nibble playing while practicing sections of real pieces. 

Word for 10/14 – Brew

I do not drink beer.  Just the smell makes me what to step away, far away.  However my husband enjoys an occasional brew.

On a short stay in Boston we went into this establishment near Fenway Park.  I’m  pretty sure my husband ordered some type of ‘pale ale’.  Me, I remember eating turkey sliders.

Word for 10/12 – Luckiest

I often say, with regret, that I have lived my entire life in the same little state.  But if you had to live your whole life in a little state you would be the luckiest if that state was Vermont.  I am reminded of this as I see the tour buses on the road with people from other places here to catch the peak of fall foliage.  I’m also reminded of it in the spring when the sap from our maple trees is ‘sugared-off’ into pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

But whether it is fall, winter, spring, or summer Vermont is also known for the small town centers that often have a town green, perhaps a band stand, and frequently a white church with clear windows & a tall steeple.  The church steeple below is one of the fancier ones.