Word for 11/30 – Thwart

If there is one food item that can thwart my healthy eating and weight loss efforts it is…chocolate, dark delicious chocolate.  Can I make the bar above last the 5 days that it should?


Word for 11/29 – Amateur

I was not really thinking as I quickly snapped this photo.  I took it because it had the picture of a trumpet & I figured it had been placed by the Concord Carlisle High School Band.  Then as I was going through to edit my Sleepy Hollow Cemetery photos it clicked.  It is where the 2nd trumpet stands on Memorial Day to provide the ‘echo’ of Taps.  I wonder how many amateur trumpet players have stood & played near the base of this tree.


Word for 11/28 – Intelligence

If the builders who added a timber-framed but lead clad steeple to this church had the intelligence to use seasoned wood instead of green oak we would not be so intrigued by the spiral twist we can view today.  And The Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England would not be a tourist attraction & the subject of a poem by Samuel Bromley:

The Church of the Crooked Spire

Its ponderous steeple, pillared in the sky
Rises with twist in pyramidal form,
And threatens danger to the timid eye
That climbs in wonder.

Word for 11/27 – Tender

Tender baked goods depend on not over mixing once you add your flour.  This batter for pistachio & orange cookies called for creaming the butter & sugar, beating in the eggs, then folding in the flour & other dry ingredients.  Over working the flour would activate the gluten, making the cookies tough.  This principle is especially important when making muffins & other quick breads. It also applies to creating flaky biscuits.

No Black Friday for Me

One last nice breakfast in the same room where we ate our Thanksgiving meal before packing up and driving home.  Without the crowds of yesterday I was able to get a nice photo of the window decorations.Now I’m home with more than half of the unpacking done, having two loads of wash completed, and having made 8+ cups of chicken broth from a carcass I had frozen a week or two back.

I enjoyed being away but I was ready to get back home.  I think my own bed is calling me now.

Word for 11/21 – Dose

On my visit to the MFA in Boston today I got a dose of both art & history.  They have a special exhibit titled “Beauty as Duty: Textiles and the Home Front in WWII Britain” which is running until May 28, 2012.  The exhibit features scarves & clothing of the period, most from Britain.  Here is a slide show of some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit: 

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