Word for 11/6 – Instead

I live in a state where alternative energy is a hot topic.  There are solar panels here & there.  Wind projects have been proposed & rejected in many places.  Instead of posting a contemporary example of alternative energy I am going to give you this photo of an old windmill which probably dates to a time before rural farms had electricity.

It is in a field adjacent to my home.  The field is on the market as two building lots.  I am selfishly enjoying that it still open land for now & that I can see the old windmill out a window of my bedroom each morning.


4 thoughts on “Word for 11/6 – Instead

  1. Oh what a lovely view Kitty! I live on a tree farm and have the same sort of gorgeous view behind my house. We’re lucky that municipal bylaws prevent severing of lots where I live. I don’t know what I would do without the corn and wheat fields surrounding me in the summertime.

    • I’ve been blessed to live in lovely rural locations just about all of my life. I may complain about the absence of many city advantages (museums, concerts, mass transits, a chance to be anonymous at times) but I know I can only take so much ‘hustle & bustle’ before I need to retreat.

      • Ohhh I so agree! I managed to land right in the middle. We’re on the edge of a large city but there’s so much space between towns here, there’s ‘country’ for miles. The only thing that’s missing is the transit…I depend on that at work. It would be really handy not to have to drive in the snow, when it flies.

  2. Another great picture! I need to respond to your E-mail about the Photoshop. This is another one that would be great with some tweaking. It’s a good composition and good coloring – a great start to a great picture.

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