Word for 11/9 – Detect

In 2005 while walking around a section of  Dulwich, London, England
my husband was able to detect a connection between these 2 street names:     

One is the title of a novel, the other  is part of the title of a novel & the surname of the main character,  but both relate to the same author.  Hint:  This author wrote under a pen name & is buried in Highgate Cemetery, Highgate, London in an area reserved for religious dissenters or agnostics.

Can you detect who the author is?   I’ll leave the answer under comments.


2 thoughts on “Word for 11/9 – Detect

  1. The author is George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans). Romola, 1863, is a historical novel set in 15th century Florence. Daniel Deronda, 1876. is a social satire & Eliot’s last completed novel. The houses along these streets may have been built not long after these novels were published.

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