Word for 11/16 – Distill

I have yet to view the inside of a distillery.  On a trip to Scotland we took a train from Glasgow to  Dalwhinnie.  We walked from the train station to the distillery only to find that they were closed to visitors that day.  This is something that never, I mean never, happens to us because my husband does his research well and double checks or triple checks things.  But this time it happened.  So I can not give you a first hand account of how they distill the Dalwhinnie Scotch.   When we got back to the unattended station  plenty of trains went by but we had to wait hours & hours for a train that actually stopped in Dalwhinnie and that would take us back to Glasgow.  So there was a whole day shot.  And it was a cold damp day in the Highlands waiting.

I know I took pictures that day but those files are not showing up so I’ll show you a living example of the symbol of another distilled beverage:                   A Beefeater at the Tower of London, the symbol of Beefeater Gin.


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