Word for 12/3 – Hail — and the Kreativ Blogger Award

Hail to a few of my favorite bloggers:

1- I have to mention Nancy at My Life in Photos who nominated me for this pass it along, tag you’re it award.

2-  Jen of Cabin Fever in Vermont who is a new mom, a RN, has a Firefighter husband, and takes fantastic photos of her baby Emily, landscapes, and is a generally inspiring.

3- Andree Sanborn, another Vermont resident, who has a number of blogs.  My favorite is ‘meeyauw’s recipes‘.  She is yet another fabulous photographer.

4-hugmamma’s MIND, BODY and SOUL because she posts the most delightful pics of her “four-legged family” that make me smile and giggle. She also writes amusing and thought-provoking posts along with those photos.  She has some eye-opening, and to me mind expanding opinions — what can I say (?- I’ve led a rather sheltered life-?).

5- I’m going to end my list with perhaps the ‘Queen’ of all women bloggers, Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, the ranch wife who has also become an author, a Food Network cooking show star, & who knows what else as result of her blog.  And she sponsors more  terrific give-a-ways than you can imagine, but beware she receives thousands of entries for most of them.

Now the terms of the Kreativ Blogger Award state: “To accept the award, one is to share a little about oneself that might draw the interest of others (and encourage them to check out your blog) and then pass it on. It’s a great opportunity for community building; and to find others who are just as sane (or not) as you, is an added bonus.”

So, like many things in life, I have approached this backwards, by first mentioning some favorite blogs.  Hopefully one or two of them will find the time to pass it on.  Now, what might be interesting about me?        A–I think the fact that I was able to log an average of 2 trips per year ‘across the pond’ from 1998-2010 was great.  I took a lot of photos of places I went.  Thanks to digital photography (better than sliced bread & right up there with chocolate) I could click, & click, & click.     B–I’m a life long Vermonter.  That isn’t all that interesting to me.  I have had plans at many points in life to plant myself in some other soil.  But I seem to make choices, or submit to the choices of someone near & dear,  that result in staying within my little state’s boarders.  C– While my birth certificate says Kathleen the nickname ‘Kitty’ has stuck to me like glue.  At age 52 it is way too late to change that.

Gee, I think this word a day thing is a photo challenge, so I better find one.  Then bid you adieu.

Wells Cathedral, England - August 2005

4 thoughts on “Word for 12/3 – Hail — and the Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations, Kitty! Well deserved! And thank you for including me in such grand company; I am honored and will pass it on. I hope you have the best holidays ever!

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