Word for 12/8 – Originate

Some form of an English peers’ robe may originate back to the end of the 14th century.  The ceremonial robes made of crimson silk velvet, trimmed with white ermine & rows of black sealskin spots date back at least to 1614.  It looks like the robes below have 3 rows of spots, or perhaps 2 1/2 rows.  That would mean that the robes belong to an Earl or perhaps a Viscount.  A Baron would only have 2 rows of spots, while a Duke would rate 4 full rows. 






3 thoughts on “Word for 12/8 – Originate

    • In finding something to write about these photos I find myself on Wikipedia, & learning more about these things or places. Do not think that I have quite so much trivia or knowledge of things before I start a post. It is rarely the case.

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