Word for 12/10 – Huge

Fayleen,  12/18/1930 – 12/10/2011

The photo above is my mom, age 21 in 1952,  around the time of her college graduation.  She died today at about 1 pm.  I find myself at a huge loss of words.  Little about our relationship was typical.  Due to an illness she experienced I left her care at the age of 5 and was raised by an aunt on my father’s side.  Looking at the photo above, which I only obtained relatively recently,  I did not inherit her looks.  However I think we shared much of the same temperament.

My sister, and her daughter (my niece),  managed to care for my mom at her home (an old farmhouse) with assistance from hospice workers.  It was a long hard road.  Now they & my mom will hopefully have rest and peace.

The aunt who raised me was married to a funeral director.  I like to think I deal better with death than illness.  However my mom was the last of that generation of my relatives.  The loss does seem huge.  I am now the eldest remaining ‘child’.  It is not a role that suits me.  I am sure my mom knows and understands that fact.


8 thoughts on “Word for 12/10 – Huge

  1. Awww Kitty. . . what a sad way to use today’s word. I’m sorry to hear about your loss – thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly understand if we don’t see much of you for the next few days.

  2. P.S. Great photo and story about your Mom. I felt the same way when my grandmother died – she was the last one of that generation. Now my uncle has died and the next generation is starting to go.

    • Thank you for comments & expressions of sympathy & relating. I know it made for a ‘sad’ post but I really could not see using some other subject as my mom was really all I have in my head & heart just now. Besides “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: “A time to be born, and a time to die;…” (KJV Ecclesiastes: 1-2 ) It was time…an end to suffering is a blessing.

  3. I’m so sorry, Kitty. No matter what our relationship with a parent, it is still a rough road to travel when they die. As all my siblings and I can confirm. I admire your outlook and hope you find comfort soon. Each day brings about more reconciliation with death and the past.

    • I’ve just read over your comment a few times in a row. Wow, I had not ever thought to phrase it that clearly: I think you are right — I, had lost her more than once. I was told as a child how lucky I was to have an aunt & uncle to take me in, as I grew older I worried about my mom’s hurt that her children were separated from her. She amazed me, she was a mom to me in many important ways & I will miss her. Thank you for your observation.

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