Word for 12/11 – Really

Morning sunshine can be really soothing, even if you have to fight the glare off your computer screen.  I love sunlight streaming through lace curtains.  A study in sun & shadows?  Artsy or not, it really was fun editing this photo, changing tint and adjusting exposure.


7 thoughts on “Word for 12/11 – Really

  1. It is a lovely photo. One of my favourite times to be by myself is in the morning, especially when the sun is streaming in like that. Makes me want to sit by my kitchen window and watch the horses play outside.

    I was in need of a calming scene to focus on. I’m using this. (And eating cookies with you!)

      • It sounds so stupid, but I learned the same way. People have been so kind to answer my questions. It took me the longest time to realize that I could change the header picture!

        Which is why when someone asks me how I did something (like the slide shows or adding a widget), I’m only to happy to return the favor and help them out.

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