Word for 12/13 – Surprise

Making plans when you travel can help you get the most out of your trip.  Then again the things you come across accidentally can be the most enjoyable aspects of a day.  When we took a bus to Tewkesbury, England we had two nice surprises:

Surprise # 1 –     this lovely little shop.

Surprise # 2 –     there was an adult choir festival taking place at the Abbey so we were able to listen to rehearsal.  We also decided to skip whatever it was we had planned for the rest of the day so we could stay for an afternoon performance/service.




3 thoughts on “Word for 12/13 – Surprise

    • The joy of independent travel, no tour guide to follow. We are only bound by the bus & train schedules. And with the train we purchase a pass which lets you go nearly anywhere anytime. You get freedom plus a great savings over individual tickets.

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