Word for 12/17 – Follow

Traditions can be fun to follow, but then again sometimes you need to let traditions go if they do not fit your current life.  I loved having a Christmas tree as a child, even if it was an artificial silver tinsel 1960s tree.  When I met my husband we got a more realistic looking yet still artificial tree.  It got to the point that it was falling apart.  We purchased small table top real trees for a few years.  Then we started traveling at the holidays and stopped the Christmas tree tradition.  This year we will be home but unless I have a very last-minute change of heart we will go treeless.

I wrapped a few gifts today.  As there is no tree to place them under I set them in the center of my studio table.  It is not the first holiday that I have done this, but until just now I had not thought of it as a tradition, but I guess it is.  It works for me, so maybe I’ll deliberately plan to follow this new tradition of mine in years to come.



4 thoughts on “Word for 12/17 – Follow

  1. So many things change over time, and we change, too. Our tree still stands here, naked as can be for the last week. My heart just isn’t into decorating, I suppose; or it’s more effort to put up and take down than I care to do. Christmas isn’t in that part of it, anyway, is it?

  2. Great use of the word. I got my decorations up last week – no tree though. I don’t need a min pin lifting his leg on it! My daughter has a beautiful one up though for me to enjoy when we visit.

    Can you believe it’s only two weeks to the end of the year?

  3. That’s a fun idea Kitty! We haven’t had a tree for years either…mostly because Colt simply could not tolerate a tree inside…lol. He tried, hard, to reconcile it but finally said to me one day “Mom, Trees go outside. I’m sorry” lolol…what a sweetheart. I took the tree down and made due with decorating our houseplants like they were evergreens. I should take a picture of my rubber tree…lol..that’s where all the gifts will be Christmas morning, under the rubber tree.

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