Word for 12/19 – Mind

You really should mind the fabric care labels.  A couple of weeks ago I walked into my husband’s bathroom and decided that the white cotton curtains were so dirty and yellowed that I ought to use some bleach when I washed them.  Well it was not one of my better ideas.  When I went to pull them out of the machine after washing  they were nothing but shreds.  Sure they were 16 years old so they may have ‘bit the dust’ even without the bleach, but I think the fact that I added a generous amount of bleach is the real reason.  White cotton, bleach, that should have been OK, right?   Well maybe not.  I noticed the fabric care instructions on replacement curtains that arrived today say “do not bleach”:I am thinking I had best leave the washing instruction tag on these new curtains rather than cutting it off.  Ironing it up against the header will keep it from being obvious when light shines through the window.

I really do not mind that I had to get replacement curtains.  These new ones look nice.

(Yes, my husband has a pink bathroom & the paint color was his choice.  My bathroom on the other hand is an icy aqua with darker ‘peacock’ blue trim. )


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