Word for 12/21 – Inspired

The weather outside is around 30F and it is raining.  It is so deary I am not inspired to  take my camera out today.  Things are not likely to turn around tomorrow either but at least the days will not be getting any shorter.  And there might be snow flurries on Dec. 24 & 25.

This was the end of my driveway last Feb. 4th, looking down the side road that my house is on the corner of.  Why can’t we have snow like this in December?  It is not going to be inspiring to me come February or March.  Maybe we could just postpone Christmas until February when the snow piles up?  Nah, that will not work.  Yes I know I am lucky to have nothing bigger to grumble about than a lack of snow.  And I am grateful we are not getting freezing rain.


2 thoughts on “Word for 12/21 – Inspired

  1. What a beautiful view you have down your driveway. Oh, my. I, too, am not enamored with snow when my thoughts have turned to spring. We’re getting a lot of rain today. Merry Christmas, Kitty.

  2. I totally agree – it seems like Christmas should be towards the end of winter, not at the beginning. Of course, it’s mid-60’s here and tropically humid. LOL!

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