Announcing My Blog Structure for 2012

After 361 posts of photos based on random words, and 4 more left to finish off 2011 I am ready to try something different for 2012.  But the structure of the 2011 challenge kept me posting so I know I need to establish some themes for the coming year.  Here is what I’ve decided:

MUSIC MONDAYS  — I will do occasional (not every week)  posts on something related to music.

TRAVEL TUESDAYS — I’m planning on  pulling more of my old photos from travels past, or current photos if I do some 2012 traveling.  I might even venture into ‘travel dreams’ about where I would like to go in the future.

WACKY WEDNESDAYS — There are many non official holidays or awareness days, weeks, or months.  I have assembled a list for the 52 Wednesdays of 2012.  I may not hit everything on the list, and some weeks I have given myself a couple of options.

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAYS — WordPress used to give 3 or 4 prompts for future blog posts each time you published a new post, before they changed to the sidebar.  I have made a list of 52 prompts for 2012.  Again I’m not holding myself to doing each and everyone but… we will see how close I come.

FOODIE FRIDAYS —  On Fridays the plan is a sample some of the great recipes from fellow bloggers, or old favorites.  I might also post about favorite eating establishments.  And just in case I fall short of ideas I also made a list of what foods are promoted during each month.  That list comes from the same place as the Wednesday themes,

I want to extend an invitation to anyone who wishes to join me in posting on any of these themes during 2012.  The company of fellow bloggers is incredibly motivating to me.

3 thoughts on “Announcing My Blog Structure for 2012

  1. I love it! I’m so jealous! My plans are nowhere that defined. In fact, my Thursday post using the “scare” word is going to be about that. I’m a bit scared to let go of the random word challenge even though I’m ready to be done with it.

    I will be checking out the brownielocks blog.

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