An End but also a Beginning

So this is it, the last post for 2011, but I have a new plan in place for 2012 and I am excited to get started posting on new topics.  I am proud that I made at least 365 posts in 2011, but I am pleased that I am not committing to 7 posts a week in 2012.

Thanks to the people who have visited my site this year.  I hope many of you will keep checking in either as a follower or as an occasional visitor.

The 52 preset topics for Wednesdays & Thursdays are available as pages by clicking under the napping cat header.  Some Mondays I’ll make a post involving music.  Tuesdays I will continue sharing travel photos, especially scanning in photos from trips taken before my first digital camera purchase.  And Fridays will be for food, in any form that takes my fancy.

I decided to use a photo from my first hop across the pond, in 1998, for this final 2011 posting.  It is from Regents Park in London.  May your path be long even if not so straight and formal.  Farewell 2011 – Hello 2012.


6 thoughts on “An End but also a Beginning

  1. Happy New Year Kitty! I look forward to reading your blog in 2012. I’m making changes too 🙂 Thanks for being such a great influence in my life this year. I’m very glad to have found you here. ❤


  2. all the best of intentions begin…somewhere. i resolve to visit…often.

    hugs for your generosity of stopping by and commenting…bless you…always… 🙂

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