Wacky Wednesday #1 — Trivia Day / Pop Music Chart Day

All the themes I will be using on Wacky Wednesdays are inspired by the extensive lists of Holidays at  Brownielocks and The 3 Teddy Bears.

To begin this post I searched ‘trivia sites’.  From those results I decided to visit the Trivia Café website.   I liked their layout and clicked on the ‘random  trivia button’. The next screen said:

Question: Which musical group, who sang “Red Red Wine,” took their group name from a British unemployment benefits form?

I had no clue about the answer but did not want to click on “show answer”  just yet.  So I searched ‘song  Red Red Wine’.  A Wiki entry informed me that “Red Red Wine” is a song written and originally recorded by Neil Diamond.  As I continued scrolling down the entry I read that a cover by British reggae group UB40  “reached number one in the UK chart in August 1983, and number thirty-four in the U.S. in March 1984.”  My response to that was ‘BINGO’ I got a trivia question that not only fits the trivia topic but also suits’ Pop Music Chart Day’.

What were the odds of that?  Somebody was smiling on me – talk about good karma.

After that bit of excitement I plug “UB40”  in as the answer on the Trivia Café page.  Yes it is correct.  Just to ensure that you understand the band’s name UB40 stands for “Unemployment Benefits form 40”

If you would like to listen to a short sample, or even purchase the UB40 version of Red Red Wine visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000TEGMLS/ref=dm_mu_dp_trk5

If you would like to listen to a short sample, or even purchase a live recording of the Neil Diamond  version of  Red Red Wine visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00136Q1OE/ref=dm_mu_dp_trk10

This concludes my first Wacky Wednesday posting.

To see where the Jan. 11 – National Hot Tea month/Glaucoma Awareness Month themes take me come back then.  Or feel free to see where they take you.  I would love to know what they prompt you to discover.


4 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday #1 — Trivia Day / Pop Music Chart Day

  1. I loved that UB40 cover of Red Red Wine! I did know that Neil Diamond was the original artist (my mom was a huge fan so I listened to a LOT of Neil Diamond as a youngster) but I actually prefer the UB40 version. It’s odd for me, I’m usually one for the older versions.
    This was a really interesting post Kitty. Much enjoyed, thanks 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post. It certainly was a tangent I never expected to find myself exploring. There are plenty of other covers on Red Red Wine out there. And from what I read Neil Diamond made at least 3 different recorded versions himself. I did not want to go into all that or search a ton for clips but I am curious still about the fact on of the Neil Diamond versions is said to include a children’s choir.

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