Thoughtful Thursday #1 – Looking Forward

“Describe what you are looking forward to doing this year?”

In 2012 I am looking forward to

…enjoying the little pleasures of each day, be it crisp & cloudy, or sunny & bright.

…accepting that my efforts in the areas of exercise and healthier eating are worthwhile even if the results are not monumental.

…doing some small organization chores each week and taking joy in both the process and the results.

…keeping a smile on my face even if some of the antics of my aging cat or darling husband make me want to throw my hands into the air and scream.

…staying in closer touch with my sister and hoping that she makes more time for herself this year after the stress of care giving to our mom during her final illness.

…making more contact with my brother now that he has changed jobs and will be working more regular hours in addition to being geographically closer during the work week.

…appreciating the kindness of my friends and neighbors and giving back to them too.

…some travel, be it short weekends to nearby locations, or longer get-a-ways to more distant points.

I could, no doubt, go on but I think keeping a short focused list is right for me in 2012.


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