Basic Roasted Beets with Onion – FFw/KH #1

Before I launch into the recipe I created yesterday I do want to say that there are zillions of blogs that focus on food & recipes. I  discover that the Little Brick Ranch blog had used the ‘Foodie Friday‘ phrase for a series of posts in 2011.  So I have decided to use the category name of Foodie Fridays with KittyHere (FFw/KH) for my series.

Roasted Beets with Onion

4 medium large beets (2 lbs)
1 medium large yellow onion (12-13 ozs)
4 TBs olive oil
¾ tsp salt
Fresh ground black pepper to taste
1 TB wine vinegar

Heat oven to 425 F.
Wash & trim beets.
Peel & quarter onion, leaving root so it doesn’t fall apart.

Place beets, onion quarters, and olive oil into an oven safe dish.  Turn vegetables so they are coated with oil.  Sprinkle with salt.  Add fresh ground pepper to taste.

                Cover baking dish snugly with foil and place into preheated oven.  Set timer for 30-40 minutes.  Remove dish from oven after this period. Remove onions to an iron skillet or other pan.  Recover the beets with foil and return to oven.  Place the onions into the oven also, but leave uncovered.  Recheck vegetables in 20-30 minutes. 

When onions are soft and well roasted chop coarsely.

When beets reach desired tenderness remove from oven.  Allow to cool until you can handle them,reserving oil/juices for later.  The skins will slip off  by hand. (I use disposable gloves & a paper towel for this step. I also cover my cutting board with the foil to minimize staining from the beets.)  Cut each peeled beat in half and dice.  Combine diced beats with the chopped onion in a clean bowl.   Pour the oil and liquid from the roasting dish over prepared vegetable.  Add the wine vinegar and gently toss.  Adjust seasonings to taste.  These beets with onion can be served warm or chilled.


  I toyed with the idea of adding some seasoning besides salt & pepper.  When I ran a search for roasted beets I discovered that Molly Watson recommends fresh dill and parsley with roasted beets.

My choice of topic for this first 2012 food post was based on the fact that eating more vegetables may be on the New Year’s resolution list of many people.  Winter weather to me means root vegetables and warming up the kitchen a little more by using the oven.

I welcome you to add a link to your favorite roasted vegetable recipe in the comment section.  Stay warm and healthy!


4 thoughts on “Basic Roasted Beets with Onion – FFw/KH #1

    • Have you visited the cooking blogs that show all the ingredients pictured together at the beginning, and every single little step along the photographed. The Tasty Kitchen Blog, Pioneer Woman Cooking, Smitten Kitchen, Simply Recipes are a few. I am amazed by those bloggers. I am not that organized or neat — I’m only willing to wash my hands to pick up my camera so many times.

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