Six Word Friday – 1/6/12

Reading ‘A New Day Dawns’ I just discovered Six Word Fridays from Melissa Camara Wilkins.   The topic for today, 1/6/12, is  LOOKING FORWARD.  

My six words: 

Fun, Friends, Food, Feelings, Freedom, & Finds

To learn more about Six Word Fridays, click links above, or on the button in my sidebar.


8 thoughts on “Six Word Friday – 1/6/12

    • I would think that you would be tired come Thursday. I found my recipe post for Friday very time consuming. I thought of you with the 2 blogs, the novel writing project, 3 dogs, and A FULL TIME JOB. I said to myself “how does Nancy do it!” The idea of just 6 words on a topic come Friday really appealed to me. Lots of people do great poetry based on Melissa’s topic but I enjoyed finding 6 words starting with the same letter. The surprise of a new topic from Melissa next week appeals to me, much like I looked forward to the random words from you.

      • I missed the topic prompt until after I’d posted, but that’s okay, I was happy with what I wrote.

        Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but I truly think I enjoyed 2011 so much more because of the pleasure it gave me to write nearly every day. My journals were really lacking, but I’m thrilled with my body of work from my blog.

        One of my big goals this year is to get better routines around the house so I do have more time for writing and taking trips. For sure, the garden is going. I plan to be more consistent staying decluttered so that’s not always nagging me.

        But yeah, by Thursday I’m usually out of thoughts. I was going to do a wordless Friday (just post a picture), but this is better. Where DO you find this stuff? It’s great.

        I’d mentioned to you about getting more traffic to my blog and you responded that you were pretty content where you were at. After thinking about, I liked your answer better. I’d rather be writing and enjoying my very loyal readers.

    • So far today I have found comments from 2 people who have not left comments on my blog before, and I found a great new recipe from King Arthur flour for
      Cheesy Pepperoni Bites. I am looking forward to all kinds of finds in 2012.

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