Thoughtful Thursday #2 – Change the World

” In what ways would you like to change the world? “

I would like to change the world with kindness, warmth, good humor, and optimism.   If only that were enough to do the job, but of course it is not.  Still those attitudes cannot hurt.  They improve my view of the world and that is good.

I would like war, strife, corruption, and waste to end.  I cannot rid the entire world of those ills but I can do my best to keep them out of my immediate surroundings.  I can work towards keeping the peace in my little neighborhood.  I can seek to avoid squabbles with my spouse and friends.  I can make good and full use of the products I purchase.  I can avoid supporting any people or companies that are not honest and socially prudent.  I can live without many things.  I can pack up the things I do not use or need and donate them to charity.  And of course practicing composing and recycling can lessen the trash headed out of my home.

Changing the world in bolder ways I leave to bolder, brighter, even younger people.
Those are my thoughts for this topic on this Thursday.


6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday #2 – Change the World

  1. “I cannot rid the entire world of those ills but I can do my best to keep them out of my immediate surroundings.”

    ^^^ My new motto for the day. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  2. Thoughtful post and a lot of good ideas. Now if only we could get the politicians to lead this by example. . . and the media too.

    I’m still not sure if I’ll be posting on this week’s topic or not. I have my thoughts scratched out and some research around them, but if I’m too tired tonight it might wait until a different week and be a regular post instead.

      • I saw the E-mail with this and honestly, I felt like going DUH and smacking my forehead. You are so right – thank you so much for reminding me to lighten up and enjoy the journey.

        Thanks for focusing me that it’s fine the way it’s going.


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