Six Word Friday – 1/20/12

Topic: STOP & GO

Stop and Go, Yes or No,

Hide and Show, Fast or Slow.

Young and Old, Hot or Cold,

Hold and Fold, Timid or Bold,

Good and Bad, Happy or Sad,

Dad and Lad, Subtract or Add.


6 thoughts on “Six Word Friday – 1/20/12

  1. Clever, Kitty! 🙂 Sometimes I feel like I’m all of these things at once. (Well, maybe not ALL.) Happy and sad, hidden and shown; things are good, things are bad, days go fast, days go slow… sometimes I’m a wild confused mix of everything.

      • My approach this week basically came from the fact that when I entered Stop & Go into a search engine and I got: a) a classic music ed recording for early childhood — having little kids stop & go with the song and pauses. & b) a book with the title Stop and Go about antonyms.

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