Wacky Wednesday #4 – Jan. 25 is A Room of One’s Own Day

When I saw this ‘holiday’ listed at www.brownielocks.com  I immediately thought of Virginia Woolf.  When I went to do a little fact checking I found that A Room of One’s Own Day is claimed by www.wellcat.com as their invention.

Here is the room I claim as my own.  As you can see it has a spot for my computer and a flat screen TV, plenty of shelf space, and as a room of my own I let the clutter be ( up to a point).

This photo is Monk’s House, which was Virginia Woolf’s country retreat.  She had a garden room that was her writing room, but it appears I did not take any photos of it when I visited the property.


6 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday #4 – Jan. 25 is A Room of One’s Own Day

  1. I love your room Kitty! It looks so cozy and comfortable…lived in, loved and taken care of. I want to curl up on your couch and take a nap. 🙂

    1. I have been known to nap on the couch my myself. Because I’m short it is actually a love seat which makes it more comfy cozy for me to curl up and feel cocooned.

  2. Yes, cozy was the word that came to mind for your room. Virginia Woolf’s garden room where she wrote sounds wonderful. Having a country retreat would be priceless!

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