Thoughtful Thursday #4 – Smartest

Who is the smartest person you know?

I really racked my brain trying to come up with a great answer to this query besides saying my husband.  But guess what? – I had to face the fact that despite his numerous areas of ineptitude my husband is in the end & overall the smartest person I know.  What we are talking here is book learning smart, reads way too many newspapers daily and retains what he reads smart, is interested and knowledgeable about far more academic topics than his own discipline and sub-field smart.

The flip side of this is that for other types of smart I find and rely on other people, or I have to be smart for myself.   I have girlfriends who are smart about awkward family or interpersonal situations.  I will always need to know a good carpenter, mechanic, plumber…

But just let me end by saying my husband is not someone you want to play Trivial Pursuit against, even though there are some categories, like pop culture, where he is clueless.


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday #4 – Smartest

  1. 🙂 My D is the handyman type of smart. He can fix, build, repair or improve just about anything from electrical wiring to drywall installation.

    You’re so right though, there are so many kinds of “smart”. I appreciate many different types in my life. (I need every last one of them!)

  2. Great post about your sweetie. My husband is a really smart guy too and I’m always dumbfounded when he beats himself up having not finished college. He doesn’t get that there’s a big difference between being smart and being educated.

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