A Trio of Blog Awards to Pass Out

During the month of January 2012 I have been honored to receive 3 different blogging awards:   

Candle Lighter Award                         The Versatile Blogger                     HUG AWARD

I am now going to list 6 women and their blogs.  I have not notified them in advance but I invite all of them to accept any or all of the awards listed above.  And I invite any followers of my blog, or accidental discoverers of this post, to visit these 6 blogs.

1.  Kim of Woman in the Middle

2.  Lesley of Indulge- Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences

3.  Melissa of Melissa Camara Wilkins

4.  Pam of Mushy Cloud

5.  Patti of A New Day Dawns

6.  Sara of my points of view


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